Cruising to the Bahamas

We were up early (well for us any way) & packed our bags & checked out of our temporary home & caught a cab to the terminal to embark on our Bahamas Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines aboard the Gem. It was a beautiful day & check in went as planned although ,as usual, long queues.... Continue Reading →

New York Days 2 & 3

So it was a bit of slow start to the day…. No need to say why!!! We started walking down Broadway & went to see Grand Central Station. It is beautiful.. just as I imagined.. the ceiling in the main concourse is just fantastic.. its blue & with the constellations etched upon it. We didn’t... Continue Reading →

50th Birthday Holiday

Some years ago my fellow Mother’s Group co-horts & I hatched a plan to visit New York for our 50th birthdays. It has been a trip long in the making and to date has not disappointed! Tearfully leaving our beloved husbands and children at home we set out on our adventure.   First hiccup was... Continue Reading →


The ship docked in Barcelona on a wet morning at 6 am. We were off early & took a cab to our hotel. The location was fantastic, just off the main plaza Las Ramblas. Needless to say, that early in the morning, our room wasn't ready so we sat in the lounge charging phones &... Continue Reading →


We decided to start the day with a work out at the gym... ship life is piling the kilos on! It was a good time to go as most people had set off on day excursions to various places such as the Cinque Terre (which we did yesterday) and Milan. Having never been to Genoa... Continue Reading →


When we woke up this morning we were still sailing. Feeling like we needed some exercise we headed to the gym but as all the machines were occupied, we decided to make use of the jogging track. We then went back to the gym, finished off with some weights etc then headed off to undo... Continue Reading →

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